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Society and our organisation

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The world in which Bouwinvest makes its long-term investments is marked by continuing urbanisation, ongoing globalisation, the increased ageing of the population, rapid technological changes and an urgent need to increase sustainability.

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Market developments 2018

The global economy continued to grow last year, certainly in the United States, where the growth rate was higher than in 2017. However, growth slowed in Asia and Europe in 2018.

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Our role in society

For a long-term investors like Bouwinvest, financial and social returns increasingly go hand in hand. By investing in better, more sustainable real estate, Bouwinvest contributes to the well-being and health of the areas it invests in.

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How we create value

Bouwinvest invests globally in metropolitan areas in ten countries and in six sectors. This strategy enables Bouwinvest to derive the maximum benefit from trends and developments, such as population growth, urbanisation and globalisation.

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